Sunday, 26 January 2014

Lets Start Again

Well 2013 you sucked ! !
The year seemed to start well and some great things happened but has ended and left a bad taste in my mouth.
A few weeks before Christmas 20,000 Ltrs of water emptied into our house from a burst flexi pipe in my bathroom, needless to say our house has been Under Repairs since, lots of things needed replacing or repairing. Structurally the house is fine just needed some work done in the kitchen, all new paint and carpet which we are still in the process of getting done. BUT WOW how excited am I about how it is all coming together, its going to look soo good when its all done.
We have repainted all the bedrooms and other areas of the house so with new paint means NEW Decor ! !
Have got some great ideas for the kids rooms once the carpet goes down.

To Start this new year i have a new Logo and a small change of name. So lets Bring on 2014 and all the Wonderful moments and what else it may bring ! !

Here are some pics of the water leaking through the walls and of the clean up

And  hey look! A New profile pic of me  ! ! 

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Bedroom Make Over - The Beginning

I have embarked on the epic journey of redecorating my bedroom including painting, I have a picture here of what i have started with

Pretty and quaint, Then i changed it around a bit more

 But i am really loving Duck egg blue right now and i decided to get rid of a the bedside drawers and move furniture around which led to the current make over. 
So far i have managed to get some new bedside tables from the local recycling shop for $8 YAY ! ! But they are a yucky colour so i painted them and replaced the handles. 

See what I mean yucky colour, yucky handles.

Much better 

So far we have only painted the top half of the walls in the bedroom so i will show you some more pictures in a few days. Here are some ideas i put together a while ago of what i would like my bedroom to be like, shall be interesting to see how close i get it .


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